Spin casting

In spin casting, cast iron is poured into a spinning mold.  The molten metal is thrust against the mold wall by centrifugal force. The rapidly solidifying metal is characterized by a fine-grained microstructure with extremely good mechanical properties.  This makes spin cast iron an ideal material for machine components. With our versatile range of machining and treatment options, such as sawing, milling, turning, honing and hardening, we can supply our customers products in precisely the condition desired and needed to assure dependable in-service performance of the component. Using our double-pour casting processes, we can even produce components that combine materials of different properties. This gives you the flexibility to optimize functional properties within a single component. 

Andreas Teutenberg

Head of Sales Cast Products Tel.: +49 (0)271 / 60 - 839 Fax: +49 (0)271 / 60 - 300

Rainer Schönauer

Plant Manager Cast Products Phone: +49 (0)271 60-655 Fax: +49 (0)271 60-300

Pumps & compressors

Our extremely wide range of geometries and material grades guarantees that products for the transfer of gases and equipment for vacuum generation possess the hardness and the resistance to wear and vibration ideal for the particular field of use. Read More

Grinding & crushing

Our cast products – including double-poured components – are tailor-made to meet the requirements of the specific application, combining durability, fail-safe operation and dependable in-service performance in the most efficient way. Read More

Drive system components

Our versatile range of material grades and our expertise in double-pour casting assure perfect quality in terms of ruggedness and lightweight´design of the component. Read More

Machine parts

Excellent thermal conductivity, failure tolerance and vibration-absorption properties make cast materials the first choice for dependable, cost-efficient machine parts. Read More