When your machine designs demand outstanding precision, durability and need to be cost-efficient, we are the perfect partner. Our range of casting processes assures the most varied range of optimization potentials, combined with maximum design flexibility and superior machinability, to guarantee that the components we produce comply precisely with the highly specific requirements of your engineering task. With our double-pour casting processes we produce components that combine materials of different properties. This gives you the flexibility to optimize functional properties – in many cases, seemingly contradictory ones - independently within a single component. As a foundry with an extensive range of machining capacities, our customers can choose the optimal product along the full depth of the value chain.  

Chill casting

For components optimized for specific applications, we use the chill casting process, which assures rapid, precisely controlled solidification of the casting. Read More


In spincasting, the molten metal is thrust against the mold wall by centrifugal force. The rapidly solidifying metal is characterized by a fine-grained microstructure with extremely good mechanical properties. Read More

Continuous casting

Our decades of experience and continuous development of the continuous casting of iron enable us to produce cast-iron components that possess a very dense and fine-grained microstructure, making them ideally suited for high-speed industrial downstream processing and assuring the reliable attainment of the specified tolerances. Read More

Hand-mold casting

For large components with complex geometries weighing up to 160 metric tons, we use the hand-mold casting process, which enables us to produce castings with geometrically optimized structures. Read More