Control valve manifolds are critical components in hydraulic systems for machinery and industrial plants. Our materials excel in terms of homogeneous structure and resistance to in-service stresses, enabling safe design, compact systems and cost-efficient manufacturing processes. Our specialized casting processes, computer-controlled manufacturing and our solution-strengthened high-Si materials assure that integrated thin-walled hydraulic blocks with many bores can be machined with the highest precision and at favorable costs.

Andreas Teutenberg

Head of Sales Cast Products Tel.: +49 (0)271 / 60 - 839 Fax: +49 (0)271 / 60 - 300

Rainer Schönauer

Plant Manager Cast Products Phone: +49 (0)271 60-655 Fax: +49 (0)271 60-300

Chill casting

For components optimized for specific applications, we use the chill casting process, which assures rapid, precisely controlled solidification of the casting. Read More

Continuous casting

Our decades of experience and continuous development of the continuous casting of iron enable us to produce cast-iron components that possess a very dense and fine-grained microstructure, making them ideally suited for high-speed industrial downstream processing and assuring the reliable attainment of the specified tolerances. Read More