Continuous-cast products from GP are of outstanding quality. We can deliver this very high level of quality because we have consistently enhanced our processes in decades of experience in continuous casting. In series production, we use computer-based expert systems that permanently monitor and efficiently control our processes. Our continuous-cast products possess a very dense and fine-grained microstructure that can be further refined by dedicated heat treatments to achieve superior homogeneity and further improved isotropic properties in the material. This results in excellent mechanical design parameters that guarantee reliable in-service performance of the components and make high precision, close-tolerance machining at high speeds possible. Thus, machining costs can be saved in addition to the economic benefit provided by the continuous casting process. We supply a broad range of standard sizes and grades from stock, in addition to customized dimensions and special grades, in as-cast, pre- and finish-machined and any other treatment condition.


Head of Sales Cast Products

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  • Grey cast iron in accordance with EN 16482

    • EN-GJL-250C
    • EN-GJL-300C
    • EN-GJL-HB150
  • Ductile iron in accordance with EN 16482

    • EN-GJS-400-15C
    • EN-GJS-400-18LT
    • EN-GJS-500-14C
    • EN-GJS-600-3C

Pumps & Compressors

Our extremely wide range of geometries and material grades guarantees that products for the transfer of gases and equipment for vacuum generation possess the hardness and the resistance to wear and vibration ideal for the particular field of use.

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Continuously cast products, as-cast, cut to length, pre-machined
Pre-machined sleeves
Ready-to-install cylinder liners for compressors and engines

HYDRAULIc Engineering

With our sophisticated, cost-efficient casting processes and materials, we can manufacture hydraulic equipment such as control valve manifolds in safe and compact designs.

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Continuously cast products, as-cast, cut to length, pre-machined
Billets and blooms, milled on 4 sides
Ingots, machined on 6 sides

Machine Parts

Excellent thermal conductivity, failure tolerance and vibration-absorption properties make cast materials the first choice for dependable, cost-efficient machine parts.

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Raw parts for machining
Machine parts

Drive System components

Our versatile range of material grades and our expertise in double-pour casting assure perfect quality in terms of ruggedness and lightweight design of the component.

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Valve guides for engines
Drive shafts for rail applications
Bearing shells and guide bearings