top performance


… means making a vision come true or turning a technical drawing into a high-performance casting. Achieving means to transform ideas into realities.  

Top performance

… signifies products and services that deliver unique benefits for our customers, go beyond expectations, and can be attained by only a select group of companies. 


… for us means productive and close cooperation between us - the people of GP - and with our customers towards a common goal.

Our values

Our targets

What specific targets have we set ourselves to achieve top performance together with our customers and to remain successful on the market in the long term as a healthy company and a dependable partner?

Top performance

  • Clear focus on customer benefits 
  • Superior products and services (we meet our deadlines, and assure high quality at a good cost : benefit ratio)
  • Close customer and supplier relations

Technical development

  • Continuous enhancement of quality 
  • Development of new products, processes and services 
  • Optimization of existing products, processes and services 
  • Consistent further development of our technical equipment 

Organizational development

  • Refinement of management skills and enhancement of cooperation
  • Employee training – passing-on of knowledge
  • Healthy, motivated employees
  • Safe jobs and safeguarding of our manufacturing locations 

Environment (nature and society)

  • Thinking and acting for the benefit of our natural environment
  • Social activities in the local community
  • Compliance with all applicable national and international rules and legislation 

Economic efficiency 

  • Productive procedures and processes
  • Cost-efficient operations
  • Adequate return-on-investment