Chill Casting

Chill casting - the solution for high standards

Chill casting – your advantages

Chill casting lends the casting especially good properties:

  • dense, homogenous structure, outstandingly suitable for hydraulic applications
  • easy machinability
  • particularly suitable for surface treatment, e.g., hardening and coating
  • good mechanical-technological characteristics

One-stop production from mould making to finishing.


  • Lamellar graphite cast iron as per EN 1561
  • Nodular graphite cast iron as per EN 1563
  • Austenitic cast iron with lamellar or nodular graphite cast iron as per EN 13835
  • Alloyed cast iron qualities by customer request.

Chill casting products

  • round bars
    diameters ranging from 300 to 1200 mm
  • square and flat bars with edge
    lengths of approx. 100 to 2000 mm
  • bushings
    Exterior diameters ranging from approx. 300 to 1800 mm
  • palette tables
    from 320 x 320 to 1250 x 1250 mm as per DIN 55201; also in custom dimensions
  • turntables
  • lapping wheels
    from 300 to 200 mm diameter
  • special parts and other dimensions
    According to customer drawings by request.



lengthwise and crosswise – all standard dimensions

deep hole drilling in solid bars

70 - 210 mm Ø max. length 1600 mm


50 - 700 mm Ø max. length 2000 mm


20 - 600 mm Ø edge length and 1.050 - 3150 mm max. length depending on cross-section.

We have approx. 1000 tons of material permanently in stock.

Heat treatment

Depending on the grade we guarantee:

  • extensive freedom from stress
  • improved machinability
  • increased strength
  • heightened toughness with ductile materials
  • high wear resistance