Centrifugal Casting

Centrifugal casting - Proven over decades.

GP Centrifugal Casting – Your Advantages

The qualitative properties of centrifugal castings are:

  • a fine-grained, dense structure
  • good mechanical/technological characteristics
  • elimination of flaws.


Because we manufacture our moulds for centrifugal casting ourselves, we are able to respond quickly to customer requests. Our production capabilities permit diameters of between 250 and 1300 mm and lengths of up to 6000 mm.


  • Lamellar graphite cast iron as per EN 1561
  • Nodular graphite cast iron as per EN 1563
  • Austenitic cast iron with lamellar or nodular graphite cast iron as per EN 13835

Double poured chilled cast iron
Alloyed cast iron qualities by customer request

Our Products

  • Cylinder liners
  • Coil sleeves
  • Bearing bushings
  • Pulverizing rolls (for foodstuffs and other applications)

Double-poured centrifugal casting

This process permits use of two different qualities with the following advantages:

  • high exterior hardness and wear-resistance
  • precise engineering of the desired depth of hardness
  • good machinability of inner surface.



250 - 1800 mm Ø max. length 6000 mm


50 - 700 mm Ø max. length 2000 mm


max. 1700 mm Ø max. length 6000 mm


4-axis upon customer request

stress relief

Heat treatment

Depending on the grade we guarantee:

  • extensive freedom from stress
  • improved machinability
  • increased strength
  • heightened toughness with ductile materials
  • high wear resistance