Vocational Training


What vocation should I choose?

It is often difficult for persons just entering the job market to choose a career in view of the multitude of possibilities.

In such cases, persons just entering the job market are well advised to first analyze their own desires and ideas: What are my interests? What makes me especially happy?

Information about the available opportunities and vocational and academic counselling are also helpful. Discussions with parents and teachers and reading newspapers, trade journals and informational periodicals can also lead an individual to choose the vocation that is just right for him or her.

Gontermann-Peipers supports young people in choosing a vocation by periodically offering them the opportunity to get to know the company, for example, within the framework of tours for school classes.

Using the information provided with regard to career paths, pay scale groups, performance evaluations and profit sharing, persons entering the labour market for the first time can quickly get an idea of their possible earnings at GP.

Above all, we are looking for trainees in the occupations Foundry Mechanic, Metal Cutting Technology Mechanic, and Process Mechanic.

If you are interested in vocational training at GP, send your application to our E-mail address or ring our vocational training officer, Mr. Rudolf Schmidt, on telephone +49 271/60215.

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