Idea Management

GP understands itself as a living organism that adapts to changing requirements and renews itself by translating forward-thinking ideas into reality.

Idea management is of central importance in this.

It serves to spearhead improvement in direct work areas and contributes to lowering of costs as well as perfection of the products.

Thus at GP, a leadership and organisational structure predominates that affords employees the opportunity to use their creativity and contribute their experience.

Thus at GP there are:

  • Clear, periodic agreements on objectives between supervisors and employees
  • An open information policy within the company
  • Delegation of responsibility and creation of more freedom

In this process, the individual employee is able to:

  • contribute his or her experience
  • make things happen
  • contribute to occupational safety
  • help secure his or her own job.

Additionally, a bonus is paid for every viable idea.

This idea management program, named OPTIMUS, has been in use at GP since 2002 and has led to significant successes.