Working Time

In the production departments at GP, there is a working-time account arrangement with a time corridor. Besides this, there are several flexitime arrangements for commercial and technical employees.

Time account for the production departments

Time corridor -70 hrs. to +70 hrs.

Time balance deficit

  • overtime hours worked are credited to the time account

Positive time balance

  • overtime hours worked Monday – Friday are credited to the time account
  • overtime hours worked on working free days are paid with the bonuses fixed by collective bargaining.

The overtime hours in excess of +70 hrs. at the end of the month are paid with a flat-rate bonus of 25%.

Flextime arrangements for commercial/technical employees

Working Time Arrangements

Varying working time arrangements exist at GP depending on the requirements of the individual operating departments, as demonstrated by the example of the Marienborn plant:

Arbeitszeitregelung im Werk Marienborn