Salary Agreement

Career Tracks

So that every employee has as exact an idea as possible regarding the
individual planning of his or her career at the company, there are three
career tracks at GP:

  • Skilled Worker (GP 4-6), Technical
  • Career Track (GP 7-13) or
  • Management Career Track (GP 7-13)

GP groups 1-3 are reserved for semi-skilled occupations and entry-level employees.

Three criteria are decisive for promotion:

  • A corresponding position must be filled.
  • The employee fulfills the requirements of the new group.
  • The performance bonus in the present GP group exceeds 6%.

The promotion is completed upon attainment of the end group in accordance with the requirements profile.

Salary Groups

In accordance with the career path groups, there are 13 salary groups at GP.

Additional compensation elements:

  • Christmas bonus
  • vacation bonus
  • other

Performance Evaluation

The performance evaluation system makes an important contribution to the goal of gearing remuneration as closely to performance as possible.

The performance of all industrial and commercial/technical employees is evaluated annually. The GP evaluation procedure distinguishes between

a) „skilled labour”and, starting with pay grade GP 7, and
b) „increased career requirements”.

The performance bonus may range from zero to ten percent. Additional points can be earned for:

  • Multiple qualifications (max. 8 points)
  • Work on group work, teamwork, improvement process (4 points max.).

a) To GP 6
    The sum of the points attained divided by 4 equals the performance bonus in %.

    Example: 40 : 4 = 10 %

b) Off GP 7
    The sum of the points attained divided by 6 equals the performance bonus in %.

    Example: 60 : 6 = 10 %

Profit Sharing

A transparent information policy that the company has practiced for years
with regard to the course of business enables all GP employees to participate in corporate success in the form of profit sharing.

Who participates?

All standard wage GP employees.

How much is the bonus?

Zero to 230 € per month.

On what does this amount depend?

It depends on the level of fulfilment of the Marienborn or Hain Works.

How frequently is the amount of the bonus re-determined?

The amount of the bonus is re-determined once per quarter.